Jul 31, 2014


Having a great time in Spain as always.

I made these glass jars the other day.
Simple kitchen jars with a lid that my son made holes in
with a screwdriver so it could fit a straw.
Fill it up with whatever you want,
you'll avoid spilling, sand or insects in it.
And perfect to bring to the beach or to the picnic......

And to fill them I suggest,

White Sangria

Slice some fruits
(I used orange, lime, lemon and grapes)
fill a quarter up with ice cubes
top it with 50/50 white wine and Sprite/7up

Or skip the wine and replace it with sparkling water for a non alcohol drink.

Jun 3, 2014

At 1911m

The reason for being in Provence for the weekend was my husbands crazy idea to cycle the challenging "Mont Ventoux race".
The day before the race we decided to take the car and drive the route they should cycle the next day. From 25 degree by the pool till 4 degree at 1911!
First I fell poor for the guys for the steep 22km to the top, but when we drove down on the other side of the mountain I panicked a bit.
Narrow roads and no secure fence!!

Luckily it ended well and all 4 lads cycled safely over the finish line.
But are they ready for the next years challenge?
I'm definitely ready for a new trip to Provence
 so count me in for the support team :-)

Beaumes de Venise

Spent a long weekend in Provence in the picturesque village
 of Beaumes de Venise.

May 28, 2014


For God-knows-how-many-years I've had a 
crush on France and especially Provence. 
And now I'm gonna enjoy the area once again......
aaaaahhhhhh looking forward to it.
Au revoir!

May 22, 2014

Norwegian popsters

The Norwegian indie pop band Making Marks 
will be playing at Konrad on Monday May 26.

Scandinavian influences...

Yesterday I had the pleasure to visit the showroom 
 Nordic Light Design in Kehlen, Luxembourg.

If you are into Scandinavian design it is worth a visit!

May 20, 2014

Upcycle or recycle....

..... are people in Luxembourg ready for it?

Read the article from Wort 
here .

Pictureres from the fabulous shop

where you can by my up cycled cake stands and pimped antlers.

May 17, 2014

A Norwegian celebration

17th of May. 
The Norwegian National Day.
200 years anniversary of the Constitution.
Love Norway.
Live in Luxembourg.

If you want to see more pictures how the Norwegians 
celebrate the day in Luxembourg, click here .

May 14, 2014

Under the Spanish sun

 I had precisely 1 week in Luxembourg after our Spanish easter holiday until I was back. Had about 8 h to plan my trip, well not much planning though since the only task I had was to clean the house and make it ready for the boys who stayed for a long weekend.
Being alone in Spain for 4 days for the first time was a bit of challenge must say. Usually I have children or other family around me who need to be entertained more or less the whole time. 
But honestly, 4 days alone in Spain wasn't to bad.....

Apr 21, 2014

Semana Santa 2014

Again we headed south to Spain for our "Semana Santa" holiday. How they celebrate Easter is so different from how we do it in Norway.
 And I love how they do it!
Here are some photos from the Thursday procession in Fuengirola.